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  • Special deals for abn holders

    If you are an ABN holder you may be eligible to access ‘specialised interest rates’ using our commercial loan products. Talk to one of our commercial finance specialists or complete an online application to find out more.

  • Fast approvals for most applicants

    If you have found a business vehicle and need to obtain a fast approval, we have same day loan finance available! Get funded within 3 hours of application using our fast-track option* (*you must meet the minimum requirement for an auto approval).

  • fast personal customer service

    The team at Falcon Finance understands that not everyone in business has time to wait for a call back. Therefore, we have several communications in place & can guarantee that you will talk to a real member of our team, fast! We also provide out-of-office numbers that allow you to contact us outside of business hours for any urgent updates. Please go to our Contact Page for more details.

  • New or used cars

    We can assist with finance for both new and used vehicles from anywhere within Australia. Whether you are purchasing a used car from the Private market or from a Dealership we can assist with finance to get your business moving!

  • Car finding services

    Once you are approved for finance, we can also assist with finding a vehicle with our large network of contacts in the industry. Talk to your finance specialist or fill out our Car Finder form to get started!

  • Bad Credit Options

    We understand unexpected events happen in business & bad credit can happen. We have lenders who understand & are willing to offer you a second chance. If you need secured or unsecured finance, have a chat to our finance specialists to find out what subprime commercial lending options may be available to you.

Chat with our team about financing your next car

Be 18 years of age or older

Be a permanent Resident or citizen



*All applications for finance are subject to the financial institution’s approval criteria. Terms and conditions are available on the application. Fees and charges apply.


A: A Chattel Mortgage is the most common loan type for commercial lending. As the borrower, you can take ownership of the vehicle at the time of purchase rather than at the end. This means you can use the asset as a taxable offset (in most cases), claim the GST on the purchase price and claim the depreciation of the asset and interest charges on the loan. With 1-7 year loan terms and residuals available it is a versatile option for most business types. Speak to one of our Commercial Finance Specialists to discuss which finance options would suit you and your business.

A: Low Doc (also known as No Doc, Self Dec, Lite Doc) requires little to no proof of the borrower’s financial position.

Assessment for a low doc loan generally relies on the assessment of the age of your ABN & GST registration, you as the borrower, and the asset being purchased. This is a great option for businesses when they have little or no ‘provable’ servicing (ie capability to prove capacity to repay the loan). Speak to one of our Commercial Finance Specialist to discuss which finance options would suit you and your business.

A Lease is very similar to a Hire Purchase as it uses the same ownership principles where the vehicle is owned by the lender for the term of the loan rather than you (the borrower). The

primary difference between ‘Hiring’ & ‘Leasing’ in that hiring allows you to decide if to include a residual or not (otherwise known as a balloon payment). A Lease however has a regulated residual value calculated off the term of the loan. Speak to one of our Commercial Finance Specialist to discuss which finance options would suit you and your business.

A residual value or balloon payment is where an amount of the total value of the car is deferred or postponed to the end of the contract.

For example, if you buy a car for $300 000 with a residual of 30% ($90 000), that $90 000, plus interest, is only due at the end of the contract or loan term.


Anmol Sharma
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Excellent customer service. "Bec" from falcon finance was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. She goes above and beyond for her clients.Refinanced my loan with best low interest rate around. Would highly recommend the services and would use again in the future
Nick Andjelkovic
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Shaun is fantastic! Falcon finance secured a great rate and were upfront about all fees and charges. They are really responsive to text or email, they keep you very well informed during the process, can't recommend them enough.
Karen Hanzic
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Shaun and the Falcon Finance team are very professional, a great service, kept us informed the whole way through the loan application. Your go to person for home loans and finance! Thanks so much Shaun!
Jayden Beard
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My partner and I financed our first car together through Shaun. His customer service and communication skills are excellent and he has two very happy and appreciative customers. We would both highly recommend choosing Shaun from Falcon finance. 10/10 experience.
Leanne Nelson
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Falcon Finance sorted out a loan for us quickly and efficiently. Easy to deal with and offered a fast approval process.
Adam Dalton
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Shawn and the staff and Falcon Finance have made getting Finance simple and easy, this is the 2nd time we have gone through him and it's always a pleasure dealing with his Company. Can recommend Falcon Finance. 5 stars